A Brief Guide to Visiting the Willamette Valley

A Brief Guide to Visiting the Willamette Valley


  • Rosemarino: Great Italian food in Newberg (suggest getting a reservation)
  • Honeypie: Great pizza in Newberg. Down an alley off the main strip. Worth the visit.
  • Horseradish: Great food on the main strip in Carlton (suggest getting a reservation)
  • Earth & Sea: Great food, a little fancier, in Carlton (suggest getting a reservation)
  • Red Hills Market: casual soups, sandwiches, charcuterie, etc. in Dundee. Plus, they have a great selection of Oregon wines
  • Trellis: great food, great wine
  • Park & Main: Mostly pizzas and sandwiches. Delicious chicken pot pie. Nice patio in the back.
  • From Another Utter: Nice handmade ice cream from the owners at Park & Main
  • Newbergundian: French food in Newburg (suggest getting a reservation)
  • Pizza Capo: Pizza and Italian food in McMinnville (suggest getting a reservation)
  • Community Plate: Very sweet place for breakfast in McMinnville 
  • Flag & Wire: Cool coffee shop in McMinnville

Other popular places we haven’t tried yet: Tina’s, Field & Stream, The Painted Lady, Jory, the Allison, Recipe, Dundee Bistro, Thistle, and many others


    • Basilisk - One of several restaurants that share a common building with outdoor seating; easy to go here with a group because everyone can get something different 
    • Pizzeria Otto - A little far away but very tasty wood fired pizza
    • Bar Diane - A very happy wine-focused restaurant;; super cute interior and back patio 
    • Bar Norman - Our favorite wine bar in Portland
    • Need to do a food truck situation: Nob HiIl Food Carts; BG Food Cartel (this is in Beverton and a good one on the way to or from the valley)
    • Places we haven’t been that are on our list: Canard, Jacquline, Malka, G-Love
    • Do a little hike at Forest Park. There are endless trails of all levels of difficulty; we like to grab a coffee downtown and do Lower Macleay Trail (park in the neighborhood around here) and then take Wildwood trail back 
    • Walk around Mississippi Avenue for a mix of thrift shops and boujee little stores (similar to Milwaukee in Wicker Park)
    • Walk around Nob Hill (either 23rd or 21st streets)


  • Beautiful views from Beacon Rock:one of our favorite things we’ve done in the gorge; the drive there is also beautiful; note this is on the Washington side
  • See a waterfall from Latourell Falls trail; easy loop hike; go early since the gorge can get pretty busy (note that even though the Gorge is famous for waterfalls, I think a way cooler experience is Silver Falls)
  • Hood River is a cute town to stop in for lunch. If it’s a clear day, take 35 south out of Hood River and you will have a great view of Mt. Hood.


  •  High Prairie Trail to Lookout Mountain (did this in the snow and added a few miles because we couldn’t get the car to the trail head). If it’s not snowy its a super easy hour-long hike.


  • Fresh Crab at Kelly’s Crab Shack - outdoor seating and a big firepit right on the waterfall 
  • See the coast from Elk Flats trail (out and back trail 45 min each way, not too difficult) 
  • See the beach from Hug Point
  • Cannon Beach is pretty and the town is cute. When it’s crowded, be prepared for a hard time parking to get to the beach.
  • Cape Kiwanda Beach
  • Nevor Shellfish Farm: Netarts Bay (call to see if it’s open first - 503-812-5071)


  • Bring $5 in cash for parking
  • Park at North Falls
  • From the parking lot, you will see a little bridge, that is the start of the trail 
  • For the shorter 3-mile hike: Take the Rim Trail >> Winter Trail >> Canyon Trail. Then you are back at the parking lot. I think it's really good to do it in that order. Make sure you don’t miss the turnoff at Winter Trail because you will end up on the longer 7.2 mile trail (unless that’s what you are intending to do!)
  • You should pack sandwiches and water
  • There is no cell service at the parking lot. You will want to have a screenshot of the map on your phone before you get there: MAP



    NOTE ON GAS STATIONS: Don’t get out of your car to fill up. You are not allowed to pump your own gas here. It is not expected that you tip gas attendants, but it is appreciated.

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